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Scott Belknap Well Drilling has been drilling wells in the Central Valley for over 80 years.

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You need a water well at an affordable price. We’ve got you covered.

Having your well run dry is never a pleasant experience. We get that. But there are only four things that are worse than having your well run dry:

  1. Having your well run dry again in 18 months
  2. Getting priced gouged and paying more than you should for a water well
  3. Having to wait 3-6 months for your new well 
  4. Not being able to get a hold of your well drillers when you need a repair

When it comes to well drilling in Fresno and the surrounding areas like Clovis, Madera, Visalia and Bakersfield, Scott Belknap Well Drilling is your safest bet for a low-risk, stress free well drilling experience. We know that having your well run dry isn’t fun. But we want to help you make an educated decision and avoid paying more than should for a water well and remove all the hassle that may come with dealing with other well drilling contractors. Due to our combined experience of over 100 years of well drilling, we have aquired unique understanding of the well drilling process, and we are in the process of creating an educational center to our website (coming soon) to answer the most commonly asked questions and to help people who are drilling wells for the first time make an educated decision.¬†